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Videos from 2015 Conney Conference

Day 1

Douglas Rosenberg, Ruth Weisberg, Simone Schweber: Welcome Remarks Joshua Lander: Marks of (Jewish) Identity: Presence through Absence in Philip Roth’s American Pastoral Ben Schachter: Conceptual Jewish Art Jill Fields: Mid-Century Moderns: Peggy Guggenheim’s “Abstract and Surrealist Paintings” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1955 Jeremy Kagan: Jewish Characters in Film and Television: A Personal Journey Janice Ross: The Hasidic Swan: Ballet as Subversive in Israel Tara Kohn: All of our History is Waiting Here: Encircling and Returning through Visions of Israel Lidia Shaddow: 1001 Looted Magic Carpets and Prayer Rugs Ken Goldman: Mixed-Media and Mixed Identities: The Influence of American and Israeli Identities in the Art of Ken Goldman Elke and Saul Sudin: Jewish Art Now: Unifying Efforts for A Global Community Sagi Refael: Jewishness of the Body in Contemporary Israeli Art PANEL: Eric Owen Moss (moderator) with Robert Eisenman, Hernan Diaz Alonso and Russell Thomsen: What is a Holocaust Memorial?

Day 2

Richard Hecht: Ivan Schwebel, David, The Three-Sewer Hitter, and the Great Self-Liberator: The Painting of an American-Israeli Identity Jana Zimmer: Closing the Circle, Redux Jesse Zaritt: Embodied Affiliation and the Politics of Availability Josh Feldman and Miriam Heller Stern: Dream Lab: an Infusion of Creativity in Jewish Education Rachel Kupferman: Adi Ness: Portraiture, Identity, and the Market Judith Brin Ingber: Jewish Men on Stage: Boris Aronson and Baruch Agadati Jewish Dance Lab: an introduction to the participants Itamar Paloge and Hillel Smith: Illuminated Streets: Jewish Mural Arts in Los Angeles and Israel PANEL: Anne Hromadka (moderator), with Andi Arnovitz, Helène Aylon, Dvora Liss, and Doni Silver Simons: Matronita 2012: The Groundbreaking Jewish Feminist Exhibition Andi Arnovitz introduced by Shulamit Nazarian: Entwined Identities/Mutual Concerns: The Art of Andi Arnovitz Performances by: Andrea Hodos and Rick Lupert with Craig Taubman Intertwining Art and Identity

Day 3

Bill Aron: New Beginnings: What do 120 Cancer Survivors Have in Common? Karen Goodman: Synthesis in Motion: The Art and Identity of Benjamin Zemach Henia Rottenberg: Batsheva Dance Company – Studying and Dancing Graham Style Hannah Kosstrin: An American in Tel Aviv: Anna Sokolow’s Dances in Israel, 1962-1964 Gilah Yelin Hirsch: Cabala, Biotheology and the Power of Art to Heal A showing by participants of the Jewish Dance Lab Performance by Stacie Chaiken, Interview by Douglas Rosenberg: The Dig: An American archaeologist summoned to a dig in Jaffa.