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Videos from 2011 Conney Conference


Gates of Heaven

with Karen Goodman

Gates of Heaven

with Sara Felder

The Mad 7

with Yehuda Hyman


Kosher Continuum Painting Series: Portraying Wisconsin Reflections on Dietary Traditions Historically Related to Judaism

with Nancy Peidelstein

Comments on Yankev Krakovski’s “Dos Lid Fun Leo Frenk”

with Gideon Klionsky

Making it Meaningful: Feminism, Body Art and Talmudic Text Study

with Sarah Young


with Phillip Katz

A Jewish Body: Soylent Green reframed as a Holocaust narrative

with Marc Tasman

Come with Answers, Leave with Questions: Changing Dynamic of Jewish Life

with Connie Wolf

“In the Penumbra: Reflections on Jewish Identity in and between the Pages of Camera Work 36”

with Tara Kohn

The Problem of Jewish Music: Popular Perceptions, Scholarly Enigmas

with Pamela Potter

Exodus and Exile: Paul Dessau’s Oratorio Haggadah shel Pessach

with Laurie Silverberg

Dancing With the Stars: Considering Jewish Dance Meditation

with Karen Goodman


Remembrance of Knishes Past: Food, Folklore and Fetishism

with Laura Silver

“A Look at The Forthcoming Book “”Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance””: Three Authors Talk about their Researching and Writing.”

with Judith Brin Ingber

Three Hasidic Dances

with Yehuda Hyman

Ethiopian Dance in Israel

with Dawn Lille

Contemporary Art and Climate Change: Jewish “Ghosts” within Judit Hersko’s “Pages from the Book of the Unknown Explorer.”

with Lisa Bloom (presented by Laurie Silverberg)


with Anya Liftig

Last Links: The Jewish Connection to American Social Realism

with Paul Von Blum

On Common Ground

with Paula Levine

Jewish History for All: An Innovative Approach to Telling our Stories in a Multi-Cultural World

with Cynthia Rubin and Maya Escobar

Drawing With Ashes

with Arie Galles


What the Jews Do

with Laurie Beth Clark

Juggling Tradition

with Sara Felder

Performing Jewish Nationhood in The Romance of a People at the 1932 Chicago World’s Fair

with Lauren Love

Kate Bateman: Sanitizing the Beautiful Jewess

with Stefanie M. Halpern