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Videos from 2009 Conney Conference


One and Another

with Sally Gross


with Nina Haft

36 Jewish Gestures

with Nina Haft


Inappropriation: Christian, Classical, and Theatrical Symbolism on Yiddish Title Pages

with Faith Jones

A Shidukh Fun Himl: 78RPM Yiddish Recordings in the Digital Age

with Sherry Mayrent

In Our Own Way

with Ronald Robboy

When Crooks (and Gumshoes) talk Yiddish: On Babel, Singer and Chabon

with Lee Williams

New Jewish Visual Studies: Modes of Seeing Jewish Art and Performance

with Catherine Sousloff

The Czernowitz Conference at 100: A Critical Reappraisal

with Henry Sapoznik

Talmudic Law as Conceptual Art

with Ben Schachter

Klezmer in the Cities

with Rena Kraut

Ko-Opting Klezmer

with Josh Horowitz

The Wall – Performing Conflicts

with Paula Levine

Berlin’s Eruv

with Maya Escobar

One Nation (Under God?)

with Sarah Young

Cool Jews

with Lisa Klug


with Maya Escobar



with Matt Sienkiewicz

My Father’s Dreams

with David Chack

Shelter: Re-Imagining the Ketubah

with Judith Joseph

Judaica: A Close Reading

with Susan Leviton

A New Ecology for the Jewish Arts

with David Harris

The Great Rehearsal: Jewish Identity in Russian Ballet

with Janice Ross

Inscribing on Air: Dancing Identity in the YouTube Age

with Karen Goodman

Performing Israeli as Opposed to Jewish Identity

with Judith Brin Ingber

Shim’U Koleinu: Jewish Diversity Work in the Arts

with Adam McKinny and Shahanna Baldon Jewish Diversity & the Arts Project

Beyond the Dog and Pony Show Beyond the Fringe

with Stephen Hazan Arnoff

Routine: The Blackface of the Borscht Belt

with Danielle Abrams



Image of Eretz Israel

with Emily Sienkiewicz

Look at the Artists

with Paul Von Blum

Identity in Israeli Culture

with Miri Talmon

What is Israeli about Israeli Dance?

with Gaby Aldor