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Videos from 2007 Conney Conference

Opening Remarks

with Douglas Rosenberg

Evaluating Visual Culture in Judaism Then and Now

with Kalman Bland

Jewish Film Festivals and the Possibility of a Jewish National Cinema

with Matthew Sienkiewicz

Ghosts of Ethnicity: Jewish Identities in American Feminist Art

with Lisa Bloom

Creation as a Daily Act: Jewish Identity in the 21st Century

with Liz Lerman

Joke-Work: The Construction of Jewish Postmodern Identity in Contemporary Theory and American Film

with Ruth Johnston

Visualizing Revelation – Some Thoughts on Seeing Sinai: Meditations on Exodus 33-34 by Jill Nathanson and Arnold Eisen

with Shalom Gorewitz

Simulated Spaces

with Paula Levine

The Jewish Man and His Dancing Shtick: Stock Characterization and Jewish Masculinity in Postmodern Dance

with Rebecca Rossen

The Hebrew Mamita

with Vanessa Hidary

Camouflage and Representation: Jewish Women in the Arts

with Paula Birnbaum and Sharon Siskin

You Should See Yourself: Jewish Identity in Postmodern American Film and Television

with Vincent Brook

Performance of Antisemitism as Jewish Activist Art

with Marc Tasman

Practicing Jewish Women Writers

with Andrea Musher, Judith Strasser and Fran Zell

Wrestling with Angels: Tony Kushner and the Struggle for the Soul of America

with Laura French

Clifford Odets and the Theatre of the ’30s

with Robert Skloot

Building the Jewish Community One Artist at a Time: The Case of ‘Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council’

with David Jordan Harris

Theatre de la Jeune Lune Tames a Jewish Monster

with Lauren Love

The Identity Peddlers

with Judith Brin Ingber

Racial Camp in ‘The Producers’ and ‘Bamboozled’

with Susan Gubar

Jewish/activist/feminist/transglobal citizen/midlife/minority voice/artist Pursuing Agency

with Karen Frostig

Rafael Goldchain’s ‘Familial Ground:’ Just Jewish Enough

with Jonathon Boyarin

Reappearing Acts: From Jewish Life to Jewish Dance Theater

with Karen Goodman

Milton Rogovin, Social Documentary Photography, and Jewish Identity

with Melanie Herzog

Israel and American (US) Jewish Identity: A Cultural-Literary Perspective

with Rachel Feldhay Brenner

Yom Kippur – East River, New York City in Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’

with Susan Chevlowe