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Conney Project on the Jewish Arts Think Tank

The purpose of the “Conney Project on the Jewish Arts Think Tank” is to initiate conversations about possible linkages, partnerships and future collaborative outreach projects as well as to identify the needs of the field. The Conney Project on Jewish Arts has a long-term commitment to supporting research and practice in the area of Jewish engagement with the arts, both historically and in the contemporary era. The goal of this one day event is to articulate and vocalize the needs of the community as well as initiating discussions about future partnerships and linkages. Topics for discussion may include, (but are not limited to) traveling exhibitions of work by Jewish artists, performers and musicians, publishing of edited volumes of relevant essays and papers, future conferences and symposia, co-sponsored events, co-produced media projects, the creation of a consortium of Jewish Art organizations and any other topics that participants may wish to address. Watch video from the event

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