Yitzchok Moully

Artist Website: www.moullyart.com/livinglights

About the Artist

Yitzchok Moully is a conceptual artist whose work explores the intersection of spirituality and the material world we live in. Having grown up in Melbourne, Australia, with a few formative years in Hasidic Brooklyn, Moully brings together the disparate colorful worlds of his hippie upbringing and Hasidic culture, resulting in a unique palette of colors and ideas. Moully began with silkscreen and painting in his creative process but is careful not to be limited to any one medium, rather he is constantly seeking out new modes of expressions to convey his ideas. 

Living Lights; 2021; aluminum light post, LED lights, DMX lights and control unit, and stage platforms; 18ft wide x12ft tall x 2ft deep

Statement about Work

Living Lights celebrates the brightness each of us is gifted by G-d to bring to the world, through a pop-up interactive installation.

Standing 10 feet tall, 18 feet wide, the Living Lights menorah awaits “quietly in the dark” to unleash its light when ignited by the warmth of human touch. Participants are invited to step up onto the stage and touch-activate one of its eight luminous torches. A special light show is triggered when all eight are turned on in unison, signifying the truth that the whole of the Jewish nation’s collective light is greater than the sum of our individual parts.

Open to the public in select New York/New Jersey locations, and free of charge throughout Chanukah, Living Lights gives you a powerfully symbolic opportunity to step up and share your light, together with your friends, your family and the person standing next to you whose light you have yet to know!

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch, once wrote: 

“The world says that where a light is thrown you can see hidden blemishes… Chasidic teaching says that when a light is shone you can see another’s hidden beauty.  This Chanukah season, bring your – our – light back into focus, and cancel negativity and cynicism through a celebration of hUmaNITY. For the most effective way to dispel darkness is to increase light – and just a little bit of light dispels a whole lot of darkness.”

Living Lights was installed in select locations over Chanukah 2021 including The Highline NY, Jewish Children's Museum, Brooklyn, 509 Fifth Avenue, NY, American Dream Mall, NJ.