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Conney Project

About the Conney Project

The Conney Project on Jewish Arts is directed by Professor Douglas Rosenberg and is an initiative of the Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies. The Conney Project is intended to be a far-reaching educational entity that supports and encourages new narratives of Jewish identity in all the arts, both traditional and contemporary, including literature, music, and the visual and performing arts. The mission of the Conney Project is both to raise awareness of the contributions of Jewish artists and scholars to the landscape and history of the arts in general and to encourage and support new scholarship and production in the field. In the course of the next five years, we intend to amass a vast collection of historically valuable media pertaining to the Jewish contribution in the arts, one that will be made available to scholars and students in the form of streaming media, digital archives, DVDs, and television projects.

In 2007, we undertook our most ambitious program to date, a week-long conference on Jewish arts called “Practicing Jews: Art, Identity and Culture.” The mission of the conference was to offer a platform for critical dialogue about the role of Jewish artists and scholars in shaping 20th and 21st century art practices. We had an overwhelming response to our call for papers and performances, and ultimately we were able to feature 50 presentations during the week-long event, including scholarly papers, performances, and films.