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2009 Conney Conference Speaker’s Checklist

1. Download Conference Paper Template

Click here to download the Paper Template. This template is intended to be your guide for completing your paper. Following the guidelines within this document will make the process easier for you, and will ensure the Conney Conference maintains a high standard of quality for those in attendance.

2. Read Permission/Release Information

Click here to review Permission / Release Requirements. Please carefully review this information regarding permission to use submitted paper, the reproduction of submitted paper, potential modification of submitted paper, and confirmation that you have the necessary permission to use any third-party materials in your submitted paper. You will be asked to confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Permission / Release Requirements when you submit your paper.

3. Submit Your Paper and Materials

When your paper is ready to go and you have reviewed and agreed to the Permission / Release Requirements with all necessary third-party permissions, you’re ready to submit your paper and accompanying materials. In addition to uploading your paper with placed files and images, you will have the opportunity to also submit high-resolution files of images used in your paper. Complete the Submit Your Paper form to submit your information. If necessary, you may upload files to our FTP site if file size exceeds 5MB (see below*). If you have access to high-resolution files, we’ll be able to display the highest quality presentation during the Conference, as well as publish a high-quality reproduction in print form. While any relevant images are encouraged for inclusion in your paper regardless of resolution, the ideal high-resolution file specifications are: jpegs saved with the highest quality setting, and 300 dpi at their actual size or the size they are used in your document. For images captured with a common digital camera or scanner, any of the following or higher resolutions is encouraged: 3072 x 2304 pixels (7 megapixels); 2,560 x 1920 pixels (5 megapixels); or 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.1 megapixels).


*Optional FTP Upload Instructions

It is preferred that your paper and images are submitted using the Submit Your Paper Form. In the event your paper and/or high-resolution images exceed 5MB, you can upload to our FTP site using an FTP Client like SmartFTP (Windows) or Fetch (Mac). For fastest transmission, place all of your files in a single folder bearing your name, and compress into a zipped archive (.zip file) to upload to: Server: Username: CONNEY Password: conney